Premier Forensic Science Institute is going to start certificate course in investigation of arson (Fire) case for fire officers, forensic scientist, insurance surveyor, Police officers.

Polygraph Center – Lie Detection

Polygraph Examiner
Polygraph Examiner is highly experienced and qualified. He has extensive experience in law enforcement and corporate cases. He is able to conduct more than 30 lie detector tests per week.
Our Investigation Staff
Our Team of Investigators and Surveillance Operatives are battle hardened professionals drawn from the ranks of retired and ex-police officers with vast experience in criminal investigations, intelligence gathering and surveillance operations. Each investigator has undergone a rigorous integrity and honesty screening process before joining the company.

Using time-honoured methods as well as the latest, most up-to-date techniques, our investigators work efficiently and accurately to procure valuable information and reveal the TRUTH in any given scenario without compromising the secrecy of any assignment.

Our highly skilled surveillance operatives are supported by latest and most sophisticated surveillance devices and have access to intelligence assets to enable the gathering of solid evidence like photos and videos. They are highly motivated and results-driven, and will succeed in operations where others failed.

In investigations where the services of skilful interviewing and interrogation are required, our team of professional interviewers and interrogators are well trained in the art of interviews and interrogation and are able to extract information from interviewees and record their statements in a format that can be used as evidence in any inquiry.

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