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London High Court accepts the evidence of Dr. S C Mittal

Justice Newey, High Court of London Chancery Division in Case No. 5436 of 2002 between Kalvinder Singh Sandhu (Applicant) and Dr. Sukhvender Kaur (Respondent) has accepted evidence of Dr. S C Mittal and in his Judgment he writes:

“Dr Subhash Mittal, a forensic document examiner called on behalf of Dr Kaur, expressed the view that the fluorescence of documents at issue tends to confirm that they are of the dates attributed to them. Mr Gupta disputed the value of fluorescence evidence in the present context, but I do not think I can dismiss Dr Mittal’s views as clearly without foundation; and”
“With a degree of hesitation, I have ultimately concluded that Mr Sandhu’s complaints in respect of the witness statement of 1 December 2009 have not been made out to the relevant standard. Mr Sandhu is alleging very serious misconduct: the dishonest concoction of a large number of documents. In the end, I do not think the evidence is strong enough to prove such misconduct beyond reasonable doubt. In other words, I cannot feel sure that Mr Sandhu’s complaints are well-founded.”

Evidence of Dr. S C Mittal accepted and appreciated by the Justice.

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