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Forensic Investigation of Arson Case

Side View of AC Unit from outside (North)

The warehouse of a Company dealing with Logistics had got fire on April 16th, 2017.

The insurance company hired our institute to investigate the cause of fire whether it is due to malicious reason or due to any accidental/natural calamities. Our team visited the incident site and investigate the whole area to find out the reason of fire.

Front View of AC Unit

To maintain the chain of custody, the incident site was photographed; the sketches of the affected areas were made and the samples were collected from the site for further laboratory and chemical analysis.

View of the AC Unit (East)

After examining the whole incident site and samples collected from the incident site, our team opined that the electrical short circuiting due to ill maintenance of the electrical wires and circuits is the effective cause of the fire in the warehouse of the company.

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