Premier Forensic Science Institute is going to start certificate course in investigation of arson (Fire) case for fire officers, forensic scientist, insurance surveyor, Police officers.

Decipherment of the registration number of the Scooty from CCTV Footage provided.

we carefully examined the CCTV footage recorded on 10 September 2016 using various forensic tools and deciphered the following registration number of the scooty;


2016-10-01-09h07m55s166_d11 2016-10-01-09h07m55s166_d1x1 2016-10-01-09h07m55s166_d21 2016-10-01-09h07m55s166_d31 2016-10-01-09h07m55s166_d41 2016-10-01-09h07m55s166_d51

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