Decipherment of Picture of thief from CCTV footage provided

A case, FIR No.-153/15, Dated- 20.03.2015 was registered at Police Station  Mundka, Delhi informing that approx. Rs.5,00,000 collected from student as fees was stolen by thief  by breaking and cutting two locks from the cupboard of Maharaja Agrasen Vidyapith School at Mundaka .

On the request of the school, this institute had analyzed CCTV camera footage and was able to bring out the picture of thief.

The decipherment of Picture of the thief made by Priemer Forensic Science Institute will assist to Delhi police to catch the thief and recover the stolen money.


The examination of CCTV camera footage reveals that a young boy aged around 18-25 yrs wearing t-shirt, trousers and chappals has been captured in pictures while cutting the lock, as recorded by CCTV camera. Since he had cut only two locks that is of the room and the cupboard where cash was kept as such, it is obvious that he was familiar with the room and cupboard. This decipherment of CCTV camera pictures should be helpful in identifying and spotting the thief.

In this report, the date and time of cutting the lock of the room has been deciphered and shown below in the three best pictures taken out from the provided CCTV camera footage.robbery

In Picture No.1, the thief is shown cutting the lock of the room.

In Picture No.2, the thief is handling the cutting tool in his right arm.

In Picture No.3, the front profile of the thief has been shown.

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