Car Accident – Crime scene management case study

As reported by the IO and the person who was driving the above mention car, we were informed that on the intervening night between 8th/9th Nov 2014 at about 1:15 am, Akanshu Gupta was driving a car from Rampura side to General Store Punjabi Bagh side. After crossing the Punjabi Bagh Metro Station, instead of entering into under pass of the main Rohtak road, the car entered in to the left side road and after travelling some distance the driver lost the control over the steering of his car since a speeding vehicle coming from the back side passed by his side at a high speed. As per the statement of the driver, at that time of the incident, his co passenger was partly leaning out of the window of the front door. The driver lost control over the steering due to which the car swirled towards the left and smashed with the pavement and tilted to the left side. Since part of the body and head of the co passenger was outside the window, due to sudden impact and imbalancing, he got entrapped between the car and the surface below. It appears that the vehicle fell on his chest of co-passenger resulting in the breaking of his ribs. The vehicle was straightened with the help of a few people standing at the bus stop near the spot of accident. After re-positioning the car, the driver took the injured co passenger to Maharaja Agrasen Hospital where he succumbed to injuries after some time.

Analysis and Discussion

The experts of this investigating team have carefully examined the possible situation of accident and made the following observations:

  1. At the start of service lane there is a triangular concrete pavement on which there is a high mast light pole at the distance of about 15’feet followed by an electrical equipment enclosed in an iron cage and there was no evidence of striking of the vehicle with this pole or iron cage as was evident from the nature and pattern of dents on the vehicle.DSC_0783
  2. We have carefully considered the situation when a speeding car suddenly strikes the pavement due to loss of control of steering wheel then it might have caused heavy damage to the lower right side of the bumper which seems to have happened in this case.
  3. The effect of impact was so strong that the steering rod got damaged/bent.DSC_0803
  4. This impact could well have resulted in the tilting and eventual fall of vehicle on the pavement on the left side if the head and upper body of the co-passenger was protruding outside the window of the left front door.
  5. Since the height of the Wagon R car is about 6 feet from the ground and its width is 4 feet 6 inches, coupled with the situation that head and upper body of co-passenger was protruding outside of vehicle, this will invariably affect the position of fulcrum/ center of gravity of the vehicle resulting its tilting and fall of the vehicle on the pavement.


  1. A detailed examination of the vehicle no. DL 2C AG 2294 Wagon R revealed that there is clear evidence that this vehicle had met with an accident.
  2. Although there is no visible evidence of accident at the spot shown by the IO after several days of the accident in this case, yet the possibility of this vehicle meeting with an accident at the spot and falling on the pavement/ partly on the body of the co-passenger resulting injuries as per Postmortem report cannot be ruled out.
  3. A careful examination of the accidented vehicle, spot of accident, nature of accident and study of documents of this case including Postmortem Report clearly reveal injuries mentioned in the Postmortem report are due to an accident.

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