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Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science (one year)

  • The main emphasis during the progression of this Post Graduate Diploma is envisaged to equip the attendees with the knowledge of forensic science and forensic medicine, including finger printing, ballistics, explosives, Questioned documents, lie detection, brain mapping, narco- analysis, computer crimes, voice analysis, tempering of CD’s, narcotic drugs, poisons, toxicology, matching of case exhibits polygraphy, exhibits related to handwriting, signatures, alterations, passports, currencies, fire arms, bullets, cartridge,  travel documents, autopsy reports, petroleum products, examination of blood as semen samples, and a host of other relevant topics.
  • The teaching instruction will also comprised conducting experiments and demonstration of case exhibits and comparing the results with those in India and abroad. The cause will allocate substantial efforts to conduct special training programs for Police officers, lawyers, bank officers and students with regard to crime scene visits and collection of exhibits, packing and forwarding of the aforesaid exhibits to the forensic science laboratories.
  • The lectures will be delivered by a team of highly talented and experience faculty, including superannuated eminent scientists and subject expert from CBI, Forensic Science Institute and laboratories from Delhi and other cities. The faculty will also be drawn from other relevant establishment, institutes and universities to provide the attendees with the most up-to-date rigorous instruction and training.

Admission Requirements

  • For admission to the Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science, the candidates are required to have graduate in science subjects from a Recognized Indian or Foreign University/College.
  • The applicants who are sponsored by their employers will have to route their application through proper channel, with the forwarding remarks, signature, designation and seal of the sponsoring authority. The condition of having passed graduation with science subjects may ordinary waived off for sponsored applicants, at the discretion of the admission committee. There is no limit on age for admission.
  • All candidates will be required to show the original certificates at the time of admission for verification purposes.
  • The total number of seats is limited to 30 only.

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