Academics and Training

The Institute offers several Diploma and certificate courses of varying durations to cater to the requirements of a wide spectrum of aspirants interested in this emerging and important field of Forensic Science. Depending on the needs of the candidates we have designed courses/training ranging from a few weeks to two years. Special training courses are offered for a group comprising Bank officers, Police officers, Lawyers, among others. The Institute offers these courses to International students from recognised educational Institutions.

Premier Forensic Science Institute aim is to provide technical and professional education and training in the field of Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine to the professionals and students.

The college’s infrastructure is well furnished with all modern facilities. All labs are equipped with latest equipments.

A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to students at this institute.

All the classrooms of the college are well furnished. The college has a well-stocked library.

Premier Forensic Scince Institute is one of the foremost institutes in the country providing courses on forensic sciences. The One year PG Diploma course on Forensic sciences is recognized by the Gujrat forensic Science university

Premier Forensic Science invites application for admission into One year PG Diploma course in Forensic Science 2011

2nd Batch of One year PG Diploma course in Forensic Science ( Classes on Sat. and Sundays only) Three month course in Examination of handwritting, questioned Documents, Fingerprints and ballistics

Expert Opinion available on :

  • Disputed signatures/Handwritting
  • Forged documents and finger prints
  • Ballistics
  • DNA
  • CD tempering
  • Voice analysis and Chemical Analysis

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