Rakesh Meena – Scientific Officer

rakesh-meenaMr. Rakesh earned his M.Sc. in Forensic Science from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. He joined Premier Forensic Science Institute New Delhi as Scientific Officer in the Document division in June 2016. During this period he has received training in all aspects of Questioned Documents, Finger Print Examination, CD Authentication, Forensic Photography, Cyber Forensic/Computer Forensics and handled more than 100 cases consisting of large number of exhibits. Rakesh was also trained at FSL Delhi where he gained practical experience, analysis of case exhibits related with almost all the branches of Forensic science. He has also assisted the Senior Experts in the examination and preparation of reports in Document cases and also reporting cases along with his senior experts. During his education and training he had handled the sophisticated instruments like VSC, Stereo- microscope, ESDA, UV and Infra-red light examination and use of various magnifying glasses and measuring instruments. He has also worked on computer, scanner and printers and uses them for scanning and zooming the documents and preparing juxtapose charts besides special photography of Questioned Documents and to solve problems like physical and chemical erasers UV and IR fluorescence of ink, paper, and currency notes, traveler’s documents.
Rakesh has started handling the case exhibits related with criminal and civil matters and preparation of reports independently and also in a team. He is also being given practical training to appear as expert witness in court.

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