Premier Forensic Science Institute is going to start certificate course in investigation of arson (Fire) case for fire officers, forensic scientist, insurance surveyor, Police officers.

Madhup Kumar Singh – Former Scientific Officer

madhup-kumar-singhMadhup Kumar Singh has joined this Institute as Scientific Officer on 28th August 2014. He has earned his M.Sc. (Forensic Science) from SHIATS, Allahabad Institute and pursuing LLB (final year) from Allahabad University. Madhup was trained at FSL Lucknow where he gained practical experience, analysis of case exhibits related with almost all the branches of Forensic science. He is having three years experience at FSL Delhi in handling case exhibit analysis where he has handled about 200 cases consisting large number of exhibits related with chemical, analysis of poisons, narcotic drugs, alcohols, ink, dyes, arson cases and has handled instruments like Stereo Microscope, UV & IR-Spectroscopy, FTIR, HPLC, GC-MS, Ion Exchange Chromatography, VSC & PolyVeiw at Forensic Science Laboratory, Govt. of Delhi.

Madhup has started handling the case exhibits related with criminal and civil matters and preparation of reports independently and also in a team. He is also being given practical training to appear as expert witness in court. He has been assigned the job of examination of Questioned Documents and CD Authentication, Fingerprints, Forensic Photography, Cyber Forensic/Computer Forensics and other forensic exhibits. He is started teaching the foreign students from Fiji & Congo for Graduate & Post Graduate Diplomas. He is also actively involved in preparing Workbooks for Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D), MHA for which he is assisting senior level experts for high level meeting in Genesis Media and BPR&D.

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